Gemma Hermans is a ceramic artist living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and received her Bachelor Fine Art and Design (specialization ceramics) in 2016. 

Gemma’s work explores a world where animals, nature and human meet with a sense of anthropomorphism. Her studio reveals a realm where childhood dreams, fascinations and experiences form a surreal new world.

Her works are skillfully crafted in ceramics, the physical way of working with the material forms a physical bound to nature. Her work involves big ceramic sculptures that balance on the edge of the surreal and cartoonesque.

She is inspired by pop art, surrealism, the old classics, renaissance that form the mythological and fables, fairytale aspects in her work which gives a sense of time through reflection in daily life. Her art is often a translation of memories, experiences from the past.

Innocence, sensuality and guilt come forward through a view of death and childish imaginary. Looking at sculptures like a dying my little pony, a horse coming out of the ground and a naked woman on a tomb stone seem to form an important connection between past and present.